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Stop smoking support for pregnant women

January 27th, 2012

Pregnant women struggling to give up smoking are being encouraged to use a new support service courtesy of Live Well Suffolk. The new weekly ‘Pregnancy Stop Smoking Support’ workshop has been launched and will take place on Tuesdays at the Chatterbox Children’s Centre on Copleston Road in Ipswich.

The free weekly drop-in session will take place from 10.30am until 2.30pm and will offer pregnant women, dads and family’s additional support and resources to combat cigarette cravings and overcome habits during pregnancy. Live Well Suffolk’s trained advisors will be on hand to offer advice and guidance with a choice of either one-to-one or group therapy available.

Tim Roberts, Director of Live Well Suffolk said: “Smoking during pregnancy is known to have a lasting effect on the baby, and can cause significant health issues throughout the child’s life. This new clinic is ideal for pregnant women who are struggling to suddenly stop smoking when their body is used to a regular nicotine fix.”

“We are confident that our advisors can give the correct advice and support for expectant mums to help them kick the habit for good, and we would welcome anyone who is looking to give up smoking to get in touch!”

Smoking during pregnancy can result in a range of health issues for the baby such as oxygen deprivation, a greater risk of miscarriage or still birth and an increased likelihood of illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia or asthma.

Live Well Suffolk is working hard to support individuals across the county who wish to quit smoking. The campaign, “1,000 smokers wanted” is aiming to encourage 1,000 people across the county to sign up for their free stop smoking clinics which take place across Suffolk.

Smoking kills three people every day in Suffolk and is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the county.

For more information about the clinics, or for details on how to sign up visit or phone 01473 229292

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