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Breakfast’s ready…are you?

March 5th, 2012

Live Well Suffolk has kicked off a healthy eating campaign for spring with a special focus on breakfast as an essential part of the daily diet.

Extra information has been provided on our website including guidance on what’s best to have for breakfast as well as short films on shopping for healthier foods and cooking healthier breakfasts such as porridge and muffins.

“Eating breakfast gives you energy for your day ahead. It helps you concentrate and also helps you control your weight because you are less likely to snack mid-morning,” says Karen Davies, a dietician at Live Well Suffolk.

As part of our healthy eating campaign we have published an ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ recipe booklet, also available online, with tips on planning meals, shopping on a budget and a meal planner. There are over 20 recipes (all of which can be downloaded individually) for breakfast, lunch, dinners and snacks.

Free healthy cook and eat sessions as well as free personal health plans to help people make the change to a healthier diet are on offer.

Telephone 01473 22 92 92 or see the ‘Breakfast’s ready … are you?’ information pages at

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